Dried Thai fruits dipped in Thai chocolate

Thailand is renowned for its tropical fruits, which are among the most exotic and delicious in the world. Of course, it goes without saying that fruits and chocolate go well together.

MarkRin is a Thai chocolate brand that collaborates with cocoa farmers throughout Thailand. In addition to cocoa, the farmers who work with us usually grow various Thai fruits (intercropping farming practice) as well, such as durians, oranges, bananas, longans, mangoes, and tamarinds. Therefore, we can source quality Thai fruits, including from orchards whose cocoa and other fruits are certified organic, in an effort to support cocoa farmers in Thailand.

We can therefore offer comprehensive services in the production of dried Thai fruits covered in Thai chocolate, from the sourcing of quality ingredients, both dried Thai fruits and Thai brand chocolate from MarkRin, to the production in MarkRin’s plants, which have received international certifications for food safety and quality.

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