Banana Fudge in Dark Chocolate

Bananas from Thailand are second to no other nations in the world. When paired with Thai chocolate, they are a match made in heaven. “Banana fudge in chocolate” is a dessert made only from Thai banana preserves, using perfectly-ripe bananas for natural sweetness without any added sugar. Ripe bananas are meticulously stirred with fresh coconut milk in a traditional Thai process, just like how grandma would make it at home. The taste of the banana preserves filling is slightly sweet and sour. The texture is pleasantly chewy. It is dipped in 73% organic dark chocolate that is sweetened with organic coconut sugar. The aromas of banana preserves, coconut milk, and Thai chocolate blend together miraculously. The result is a new dessert that is uniquely scrumptious, while also maintaining the taste of Thai banana preserves that pairs well with Thai chocolate.


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